Who’s Coming to the Mozilla Festival?


We’re thrilled to be planning the Mozilla Festival on Media, Freedom and the Web with a number of amazing organizations.

And we’re looking for more great people to join! Contact the organizing team, and we’ll help find the best fit for your interests. You can shape a design challenge, host a science fair booth, offer a Human API, lead a learning lab, volunteer, or just come and enjoy the event.

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Design Challenges at Mozilla Festival


At the heart of the Mozilla Festival program will be design challenges, ambitious yet achievable chunks of webmaking addressing a question at the intersection of media, freedom, and the web.

The challenges will bring together developers, designers, media-makers of all stripes to napkin-sketch, prototype with paper and code, and rapidly deploy solutions to help test ideas, get feedback, and see results fast.

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Save the Date!


Mozilla Festival — Media, Freedom and the Web
London, November 4 – 6, 2011

When smart people who care about media and the web gather to think and build together, magic happens.

The web today encompasses an array of media; books, TV, radio, news, comics, film, music, and the whole lot of ‘em have been engulfed by the technology and culture of the web. Knowledge and creative expression, shared digitally among a network of peers, is bendable and remixable to an unprecedented degree. It can yield powerful results.

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