Community Corner

The following Mozillians will be around throughout the event offering their help and skills so you can make the most of the Mozilla Festival!

The MozillaReps

Have previously attended Mozfests and they will be able to offer you detailed information about the workshops and their purpose, and guide you through joining cool projects. Talk to them if you want to make the most out of the event!

The Runners

Will be there for you when you have a technical problem or when you need info and guidance regarding logistics in general. Catch them if you can and ask them for support as they will gladly help you!

The Info Gurus

They know everything about the event and they even have a walky-talky! Contact them if there’s any emergency at your floor or if you want to know details about the schedule/speakers as they will have the answers!

When you meet our Mozillians please thank them for the wonderful job they are doing! We are proud to have such a wonderful community supporting us!

  • David Asfaha

    I am an internet professional passionate about keeping the web open. My areas of interest are digital art, open data and social media.

  • Tharique Azeez

    A developer, designer and TED translator who’s trying to connect the dots between beauty and functionality by unraveling the Internet’s mysteries. He tweets, @enathu

  • Paul Booker (MozillaRep)

    Web Developer at Appcoast. Currently sponsored by Appcoast to help out with the about:mozilla newsletter, Affiliates , QA, WebQA & SUMO. Also running / supporting a couple of projects that have become a labour of love i <3 theopenweb &

  • David Bruant

    Mozillian, JavaScripter, learner, human.

  • Julia Buchner

    I’m a Mozilla contributor.

    • William Duyck (MozillaRep)

      Long term Mozillian, first year computer science student, organiser of the London Firefox 4 Launch Party, as well as some other online events. This guy is one of those you will likely have seen moving at the speed of light at the last Mozilla festival making sure everything and everyone was where they needed/wanted to be. He will also be helping Arran out at the event with volunteer coordination as needed.

    • Rob Enslin

      I’m a ‘member’ of the local London design community. I work as a User Experience Designer and Product Manager for a Digital Marketing Agency where I help my clients create digital experiences that meet their customers and business requirements.

      • Steven Flower

        steven-flowerI tinker with open data to make some good stuff happen.

      • Spike Foote

        Spike-FooteJobbing Engineer. Rusty website designer. CrisisCommons. ICT4D. Loves open web, open standards, open source, open people and stealing from @mollydotcom

      • James Greenaway

        James-GreenawayUnicorn in training.

      • Laurian Gridinoc (MozillaRep)

        laurianWhile studying medicine I co-founded one of the nowadays top brand strategy and interactive consultancy ( in Romania. In the meantime I followed my interest in the semantic web through a master in Computational Linguistics and couple of years of research into semantic navigation at Knowledge Media Institute (The Open University). For the past year I’ve been implementing applications using semantic web technologies at

      • Bela Hamid

        belaBy day, I’m a project manager for a web agency. By night, a blogger on I am Woman, & each day I put at least a teaspoon of effort into building bridges, not walls.

        Also, I loiter here: @ecobela

      • Janita Han

        janitaDesigner@FAT, leanstartupper, shortfilmmaker, one-time marathoner, wannabe 1) entrepreneur 2) arduinogeek

      • Laura Hilliger

        laura-hilligerSuperspastically manic Mensch. A learner, teacher, designer, writer, collaborator, developer, gardener, philosopher, backhoe driver, and more. Much more.

      • Matt Jukes (MozillaRep)

        Matt-JukesI am interested in the open web, open education, digital communications, Bristol Rovers & DC comics – work in the public sector doing web stuff..

      • Spencer Kelly

        spencer-kellySuperspastically manic Mensch. a freebase developer and linguistics programmer at

      • Daniel Knell

        daniel-knellArtisan of Code, Friendly Giant, and Crafter of Python, JavaScript, and PHP.

      • Makayla Lewis

        Makayla-LewisWeb Accessibility and User Experience PhD researcher at City University London also organiser.

        Twitter: @maccymacx | Blog:

      • Cecilia Liao

        Cecilia-LiaoOn a quest to mesh tech, travels, food, photography, finance, social media, big (and small) data, psychology, and happiness into one project. Somehow.

      • Alexandre Lissy

        alexandreI’m a contributor to FrenchMozilla since 2003, working on chatzilla and now Addons.Mozilla.Org

      • Ruben Martin (MozillaRep)

        ruben-martinRubén (aka Nukeador) has been collaborating with Mozilla community since 2004, mainly in websites’ localization and QA, user support, community marketing and organization, events in Spain and IT tasks at Mozilla Hispano community.

      • Leo McArdle (MozillaRep)

        leoFirst time festival-goer but long term Mozilla Contributor; started with Firefox Support, moved onto a little Contributor Engagement, is now a Rep and passionate about Community Websites. Possibly one of the youngest Mozilla Contributors, at only 14, and definitely one of the most enthusiastic.

      • Alina Mierlus (MozillaRep)

        alina Alina is an open technology and community activist based in Barcelona. As a proud Mozillian and new Wikipedian, Alina loves to build bridges between communities (http://wiki.creativecommons/GlobalMelt) and helping others to make their own part of the web.
        You can follow her on @alina_mierlus

      • Dan Monsieurle

        Dan-MonsieurleDan runs @thinkwall to encourage online buzz at events, loves motorbikes, and drinks too much coffee.

      • David Randall

        David-RandallDavid Randall is a freelance front end web developer with 12 years in the industry. He has a huge passion for web standards and building sites that are accessible to as many as possible, irregardless of impairment, technology, or situation.

      • Vikram Shah

        vikram-shahI passionately believe that Browser is the King.

      • Katarzyna Stawarz

        katarzyna-stvarzPolish Mozilla localizer living in London and a masters student at UCL obsessed by Human-Computer Interaction and Ergonomics.

      • Heigo Tolppa

        Heigo-Tolppa@iHeigo – software tester and an audiophile

      • Shannon Wells

        shannonPhotographer, writer, cyclist, leisurist.

      • Tony Wu

        TonyTony is a user experience architect and interaction designer. When he’s not crafting awesome web interface, he’s usually enjoying the latest superhero blockbuster in the cinema.

      • Ann Wuyts

        Ann-WuytsAnn specializes in turning almost illegible sketches (sometimes on bar napkins) into comprehensive and clear UI’s, and combines graphic design skills with her bizarre love for Drupal to make great websites.

      • Naeema Zarif

        Naeema-ZarifVisual Artist based in the Middle East. Enthusiastic supporter of open culture. Utilizing visual & social strategic consultancy to advocacy projects around the region.

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