Design challenges for games

  • Joystick Controls in RescueFox

    RescueFox is prototype game developed to test a game engine Mozilla is building to drive 3D gaming on the web (an initiative called Paladin). At the Mozilla Festival, Paladin team members demoed their work so far, and in the blink of an eye, a participant coded in support for joystick controls. Not bad! Follow the Paladin project to learn more.

    Who should come: 3D, coding, games, html5, make

  • RunJumpBuild gets physics, monsters and trapdoors

    RunJumpBuild is a simple platform game made for the browser. Jono Xia led sessions both teaching people how to code a game from scratch, and then he invited participants to hack in their own special twists to RunJumpBuild. By the end, the game now supports background music, sound effects, images & textures, customizable animations, monsters, trapdoors, better physics and even Pointless Trinkets. One of the 3D robots Dolf Veenvliet designed also made it into the game. Learn more, and keep an eye out for Jono’s forthcoming “view source” monster.

    Who should come: games, html5, make