VisionOntv’s Live-edit TV

visionOntv is running its multi-camera TV studio at MozFest. Expect fun and informal interviews about new media, open web and DIY culture.

visionOntv will be producing about 10 shows a day, covering issues around media, freedom and the web, from practical, theoretical and innovative aspects. Episodes will be delivered almost immediately, available to be broadcasted on the festival screen and embedded on each site. Continue reading

Tom Fries

Worked with the Bertelsmann Foundation in Washington for two years and is now spending two more years at headquarters in Germany. Prior to joining the Bertelsmann Foundation, Tom enjoyed life as a neuroscientist, rowing coach, business student, consultant, and cupcake mogul. He loves foreign languages, singing, and playing backgammon.

Fergus Bell

Leads the Associated Press social media and digital newsgathering operation in London. He is responsible for finding the best User Generated Content (UGC) when a story breaks. He has used social media for the AP’s newsgathering for the Arab Spring, the shootings in Norway and the Japanese earthquake.