Design challenges for UX

  • Tweet to Story

    Working in small, multi-disciplinary teams, participants in the Touch the News challenge envisioned tablet-optimised experiences for the Boston Globe. Max Ogden produced a user content tool that allows you to tweet images in response to a story. The images are added directly into the article. Check out the demo, which pulls in photos tagged #mozfest on Twitter. This very cool design-meets-code challenge was facilitated by Johanna Kollmann of Design Jams, Cristiano Betta and Kevin Prince from Geeks of London and Jeff Moriarty from the Boston Globe.

    Who should come: journalists, make, photo, UX

  • Real-Time Reporting Paper Prototypes

    The Flow Media challenge generated seven paper prototypes that address real-time information flow during crisis. Teams worked the Guardian and Al Jazeera on specific examples and use cases. Check out an interview with The Guardian’s Lead Interactive Technologist Alastair Dant about what participants hacked on.

    Who should come: journalists, make, UX