Web Media Science Fair

The Mozilla Web Media Science Fair on Nov. 4 is a massive “show & shout” highlighting the most promising projects at the intersection of media, freedom and the web.

During a welcome party on Friday night, share your prototypes, wireframes, maps, charts, and crazy ideas with participants & the press.

Interested in exhibiting your web media project? Apply by Oct. 7 to the Science Fair!
We’re full and registration is closed — thanks for applying to the Web Media Science Fair!

Who’s Coming?

  • Soundcloud

    soundcloudSoundCloud is an audio platform that enables anyone to upload, record, promote and share their originally-created sounds across the internet, in a simple, accessible and feature-rich way. SoundCloud allows sound creators anywhere to instantly record audio on the site or via mobile applications and share them publicly or privately; to embed sound across websites, social networks and blogs and receive feedback from the community.
  • RAMP

    RAMP will demo the first commercial implementation of Popcorn.js, an HTML5 javascript library for integrating the web into video. RAMP increases user engagement through dynamic search and publishing solutions.
  • Storify

    storifyStorify is a way to tell stories using content from multiple social media networks.  Storify enables users to easily pull together breaking updates, photos, and video from social media streams into a cohesive narrative.
  • P2PU

    The Peer 2 Peer University is a grassroots open education project that organizes learning outside of institutional walls and gives learners recognition for their achievements. P2PU creates a model for lifelong learning alongside traditional formal higher education. Leveraging the internet and educational materials openly available online, P2PU enables high-quality low-cost education opportunities. Together, P2PU and Mozilla have created the School of Webcraft, developer training that’s free, open, and globally accessible.
  • BrowserID

    BrowserIDBrowserID is a new way to sign into websites developed by Mozilla. It allows users to easily sign with their email address, in a safe and privacy-respecting manner. BrowserID is also super easy to deploy on your website, big or small. Learn more at https://browserid.org/ or try our demo site: http://myfavoritebeer.org/
  • MediaRDI News Box

    media rdiInspired by a study done by the Media Standards Trust, we’re analyzing several decades of US newspaper coverage to see if international reporting has decreased, even as newspapers publish more total content than ever before. Jog through the last twenty years of New York Times front-page coverage, month by month, and see for yourself.
  • MediaCloud

    mediacloudHow does a tweet go from 140-character observation to world-changing trend? Media Cloud was built to make it easy for you to track how ideas spread in the new media landscape. A joint project of Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society and MIT’s Center for Civic Media, Media Cloud pulls feeds from tens of thousands of sources, including both the traditional press and bloggers. The result is a rich, open database for you to analyze and explore.
  • CASH Music

    CASH musicCASH Music is a nonprofit organization that builds open source digital tools for musicians and labels. Our mission is to help educate and empower artists and their fans to foster a more viable and sustainable future for music. What WordPress did for bloggers, we’re doing for musicians. We’re building a free and open platform that’s available to all artists, designed in partnership with the artists and labels who are members of our organization.
  • Hyperaudio Pad

    hyperaudio padExperimental hyperaudioplayers are syncing images, comments, and animated transcripts to audio files. These players let audio files manipulate web content, but not the other way around. Build an editor that automatically edits audio files according to changes in its transcript.
  • Hackasaurus

    hackasaurusHackasaurus is dedicated to helping youth move from digital consumers to producers.  By providing tools and events that make the web accessible to teens and encourage “hacker habits,” Hackasaurus helps them become active creators.
  • Knight-Mozilla News Technology Partnership

    knight mozillaThe Knight-Mozilla News Technology Partnership is focused on pushing innovation in journalism. The partnership has selected five fellows who will be embedded in newsrooms around the globe. Their projects addressing the future of journalism on the open web will be demoed at the Science Fair.
  • Open Badges

    open badgesLearning today happens everywhere, not just in the classroom. But it’s often difficult to get recognition for skills and achievements that happen outside of school. Mozilla’s Open Badges project is working to solve that problem, making it easy for anyone to issue, earn and display badges across the web — through a shared infrastructure that’s free and open to all.
  • Popcorn

    popcornPopcorn.js makes it easy to bring web content into video.  At the Web Media Science Fair, the Popcorn team will be demoing dynamic content loaded based on automated speech to text pick up of words spoken in video.
  • Universal Subtitles

    Universal SubtitlesUniversal Subtitles provides a powerful, open source platform that allows the addition of captions and translations to any web video. Their collaborative model enables video to be accessible in every language, to the deaf and hard of hearing, and across every technology platform and browser.
  • Shapewright

    shapewrightShapewright offers a simple interface for creating and manipulating 3D objects in a browser.  This makes it more accessible for people to customize and collaborate on 3D objects and bring them into the real world through 3D printing services.
  • Young Rewired State

    Young Rewired StateYoung Rewired State is a network of UK developers aged 18 and under. YRS seeks out children and teens teaching themselves to code and mentors them in a yearly summer hack event.
  • Open Knowledge Foundation

    Open Knowledge FoundationThe Open Knowledge Foundation is a community seeking to promote a world in which open knowledge is ubiquitous and routine. Through events, tools and projects they help people create, share and find open material.
  • Global Voices

    Global VoicesGlobal Voices is a community of over 500 bloggers and translators, working together to bring reports from blogs and citizen media around the world. Global Voices calls attention to voices and places normally ignored in the media, and develops tools, training and networks that facilitate citizen media globally.
  • ScraperWiki

    ScraperWikiScraperWiki is a community of programmers working together to liberate data on the web. It is an online tool that makes creating screen scrapers/scripts easier and more collaborative. ScraperWiki supports standard Python, Ruby and PHP languages. Non-programmers can also use ScraperWiki by submitting data requests for scraped information. It is an open source project.
  • Product Dundee

    Product Design at University of DundeeStudents from Product Design at the University of Dundee will be aggregating live information from the Mozilla Festival and presenting it through a physical app..  The app will go beyond the usual social media aggregation and bring information into the physical space to help everyone navigate the event.
  • Hive

    hive nycHive Learning Network NYC is supported by The MacArthur Foundation and The New York Community Trust. Hive NYC links educators from libraries, museums and after school programs to collaborate on creative, digital projects with youth. These projects weave together opportunities for youth to explore their interests while making things with digital media tools and the web.
  • Demo Party

    Demoparty invites the demo scene onto the web, showing demo artists the creative possibilities of the web platform.  At the Mozilla Festival, winners of the 2011 competition will showcase their work and the possibilities of HTML5.
  • HTML5 Games + Paladin

    Mozilla Labs Gaming is committed to providing the game developer community with the platform and tools they need to make innovative games on the open web.  As the web ramps up in capabilities, a huge variety of games that couldn’t be created before
  • Ushahidi

    UshahidiUshahidi is a non-profit tech company that develops free and open source software for information collection, visualization and interactive mapping.
  • Witness

    WitnessWITNESS uses video to open the eyes of the world to human rights violations. WITNESS empowers people to transform personal stories of abuse into powerful tools for justice, promoting public engagement and policy change.  WITNESS partners with human rights organizations to bring the power of video into their existing campaigns and advance human rights causes around the world.
  • FrontlineSMS

    frontline smsFrontlineSMS develops open-source and award-winning software that enables users to turn a laptop computer and a mobile phone or GSM modem into a two-way communications hub, enabling SMS communication among large populations without the need for the Internet.
  • Goteo

    Goteo is a tool for crowdfunding the commons and open-source projects, a distributed platform based on community values and transparency.
  • Sourcefabric

    sourcefabricSourcefabric build open tools for journalists. Alongside London’s very own Resonance FM, they’ll demo Airtime, an open source software for radio station management. Look behind the scenes at how Resonance FM manage their audio archive, upload files, construct playlists, create shows, edit the programme calendar and cue playout, all over the web!
  • Ravensbourne

    Web Media students from Ravensbourne will be participating in the festival as part of their courses. One group will hack on WordPress for journalism and cover the festival, while another teams up with Hackasaurus to develop games that deliver serious content for kids in an entertaining and engaging way.
  • BAVC

    The Bay Area Video Coalition is collaborating with Mozilla and ZeroDivide to explore the possibilities of films made for the web. Twelve youth created four web-native short films using Mozilla’s Popcorn Maker.
  • Fab Lab

    Fab Labs are bringing digital manufacturing technology to everybody in an open source, globally connected eco system. Fab Labs offer a full arsenal of manufacturing technologies, traditional milling, 3D printing, molding and casting, and sensors and electronics.